About The Commissions

I would love to collaborate with you to paint your cityscape or landscape inspiration. Ordering a commission is an opportunity to have a custom artwork exclusively created for your home or business location. It is a very easy process to commission a piece of art…

STEP 1: Your inspiration

We start with discussing the city or location that you want painted. I am also happy to discuss your interest in having a similar, yet unique version of one of my existing artworks of a city/location that have particularly resonated with you. Whatever place or location inspires you, I am happy to discuss and work with your idea.

STEP 2: The details

We will use the form below as a starting point to allow me to understand the basic facts including the location, the size, the orientation, and a brief description of the icons (incl. buildings, institutions, birds, food etc.) that most inspire you about the location. I will try and follow-up immediately with a phone or in-person conversation to discuss the request further including the pricing, timelines and any other clarifications you have on the process. I will provide you with a quote and after the 50% deposit is paid, I will start immediately with the research process.

STEP 3: Research and composition

This is my favorite part of the process and something that inspires me the most about my subject. I am happy to receive your list of icons and memorable stories of a place that particularly resonate with you. I will actively share ideas from my own travels, general awareness about the place or desktop research. Where possible (and for locations in proximity within Melbourne), I will also try and travel to the place and try to experience the unique characteristics first-hand. Once I have a good idea of the composition, I will share a broad outline of the concept and composition over email before initiating the painting.

STEP 4: Actual painting

Now the fun begins, and I will shift my focus on the drawing and painting! This will take anywhere from 4-6 weeks depending on the size and details involved, but I will be in regular touch throughout the process and proactively inform you about any unforeseen delays. The outcome will be a painting that turns your inspired location or place into a work of art!

Let’s make this happen!!!

To contact me, just fill out this form and I will get right back to you. Or if you prefer, call me at +61431903089