About Santosh Mahale

Born in India, Santosh is a Melbourne-based self-taught artist who specializes in creating captivating oil paintings of cities and landscapes. His artwork is inspired by his deepest passion for exploring places, blending design, detail, logic, and emotional creativity. Through his oil collages, Santosh delves into a diverse range of elements that converge to define a location, including its aerial topography, historic and cultural icons, natural and man-made patterns, and the universal presence of our avian companions. Each of Santosh’s creations is a visual celebration of the vibrant, cultural, and colourful cityscapes or landscapes he has had the privilege of calling home or visiting.

Drawing inspiration from his non-conventional background and eclectic interests, Santosh’s unique style blends elements from his engineering and consulting career with his deep love for painting. Each artwork offers a fascinating fusion of intellect and artistry and aims to draw the viewer’s attention to the often-overlooked details that surround us. By highlighting the little intricacies, that we, as humans, may miss from ground level, Santosh provokes contemplation on the larger message: the significance of the small details that shape our world.

Though Santosh had always shown a strong inclination towards creative pursuits, it was the recent Covid lockdowns that revitalised his passion for painting and propelled him to develop his skills beyond a hobby. His debut solo exhibition “Birds Eye” in July 2023 represented a significant milestone in his artistic journey and was a resounding success. With a substantial backlog of places yet to be captured on canvas and an unwavering desire to explore new places, Santosh envisions many exciting exhibitions in the near future.


July 2023 – Solo Exhibition: Birds Eye – Melbourne, Australia


Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.), Mechanical, BITS Pilani, India.
Master of Science, Industrial Engineering, Purdue University, USA
MBA, International Business, IE University, Spain