Blackburn Victoria


2023, Oil on Canvas
30*30 inches

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Category: Melbourne


This commissioned art portrays Melbourne’s charming eastern suburb of Blackburn. Situated right next to my home in Box Hill, I thought I’d seen all of Blackburn through the routine visits to my son’s school, after-school activities, and grocery runs. Yet, as I tried to research and understand the distinctness of the suburb, Blackburn revealed itself in a new light, brimming with unique charm and character.

While I anticipated Blackburn Lake Sanctuary to be a prominent feature in my artwork, I was pleasantly surprised to delve into the diverse and intriguing wildlife it shelters. The Musk Parrot, Sugar Glider, and Snake-necked turtle, to name a few, added an unexpected touch of enchantment to my canvas.

While the number of heritage landmarks may be fewer compared to my previous works centered in inner Melbourne, Blackburn offered a different kind of richness in its wealth of natural icons including native botanical wonders. The architectural charm of the houses in this suburb may not stand out on its own, but what truly touched my heart was the unwavering commitment of the Bellbird Area neighborhood residents and others to preserve Australia’s precious bushland habitat in the middle of suburbia.

This project was yet another poignant reminder that there’s an entire world of wonder right in our own backyards, waiting to be explored if we approach it with keen observation and boundless curiosity


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